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Best Companies to Buy Stock in 2015

If you would asked by anyone that what would be the best companies to buy stock in now, then what would be your answer? Another new year 2015 has come already. So this is a common question for all investors who want to invest money to buy stocks in this year. Recently in a survey the a question was asked to different market experts, finance teachers of different universities, expert investors and financial journalists. The question was, What are the best companies to invest in 2015? According to result of that survey we got a list of top ten companies stocks to invest in.

List of Top Ten Best Companies to Buy Stock in 2015

SerialCompany NameSymbol
1Apple IncAAPL
2Google IncGOOG
3Yahoo! IncYHOO
4Facebook IncFB
5SPDR Gold TrustGLD
6Gilead Sciences IncGILD
7Comcast CorporationCMCSA
8Moody’s CorporationMCO
9CF IndustriesCF
10Cisco SystemsCSCO

Reviews of 10 Best Companies to Buy Stock in 2015

After researching the performance of different companies in 2014 they have predicted some top companies to buy stock in 2015. Actually it is very tough for anyone to predict or suggest some good companies name to buy stock in now. So before taking the final decision to invest your money for buying stocks, you can read their prediction.

1.Apple Inc (AAPL)

Apple has been rated as almost the topmost company in terms of share and stock exchange. This prediction remains almost unaltered. In this year of 2015, apple it is predicted that next version of the iPhone will come and we all know how many people eagerly wait to buy an iPhone. Not only iPhone but maximum product of apple is most wanted to maximum people. For that all experts predicted apple as the best company to buy stock in 2015.

2.Google Inc (GOOG)

Some people ask, is google a good stock to buy at this moment? Like 2014 many experts predicted us to buy stocks of google this year again. So far we do not see any competition of google in search engine market and the online advertising market. After the mass spreading of android, many experts suggest buying stock of google before apple. Though still now google is not fully success in hardware market but it is sure that many people will invest their money this year to buy GOOG.

3.Yahoo! Inc (YHOO)

Is yahoo a good stock to buy at this time or this year? It may be strange to someone to see the name of yahoo in this list of recommending stocks to buy in 2015. But it is true that yahoo has come back strongly in the stock market after a few years. Their new CEO is taking many steps to increase the profit of the company and already they are getting positive results.

best companies to buy stock in

4.Facebook Inc (FB)

This is the most unwanted name of this list of best companies to buy stock in 2015. But maximum finance teachers recommend to buy Facebook stock this year. Facebook came to market with huge expectation. But we all know what happened. Many experts think Facebook wasn’t prepared to come to market for that the result was bad. But in the last 4 to 5 months FB did many things to increase its profit. Specially, they worked hard to publish advertisements to mobile devices and added many more things to increase the income and now they are getting the result. So it is hoped that in 2015 Facebook will come back in stock market like yahoo. To some people it will be risky to buy Facebook stock. But in large view, buying stocks is a risky matter for all time. So if you want, then you can take a chance to get this risk by investing some money for buying Facebook stocks in this year.

5.SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)

Who are thinking to buy stocks of gold companies for them this is the most predicted option. With more than 70 billion capital market Gold Trust was most wanted stocks to investors in 2015.

6.Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD)

They added this name in the list of top 10 stocks to buy now because it won best 10 S&P award in 2014. They were selected previously as well. It has a $56 billion market capital and it back to its form. At $74.40, its year round range is $36.98 to $76.28. The compromised price target of $82.50 offers an implied upside of about 11%. As of now there is no dividend.

7.Comcast Corporation (CMCSA)

It has been on its pick at 2015 and it was because of the fact that there were new revenue schemes in NBC. $36.88 low shares rose up to as much as the year ranges $22.37 to $37.96. Comcast has made a market capital of $98 billion. The dividend yield has grown to as high as 1.8 %.

8.Moody’s Corporation (MCO)

It also has been added in this list of good companies to buy stock in. The shares of this company have been up to as high as $49.94 and the preceding year range was $32.27 to $49.50. The market capital is nearby $11 billion. This one trades above the compromised price target of $48.00. its dividend is about 1.3%.

There was another question for them. “is Microsoft a good stock to buy?” and many of them suggested that for this year. It was not in the list of top 10 best stocks to buy now but it was in 11th place. So you can think over that also. However, it is a prediction list made by the experts of the stock market just to help investors to take a decision to find out a great stock to buy right now. But if you already choose any company, then you can buy stock of that company from any of these Best Site to Buy Stocks Online. You can also watch an interview of Street Cred, who was a senior portfolio manager and director of RCM Capital Management.