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5 Best No Fee HSA Account

No fee HSA account is a type of account that has been created for people who are covered under HDHPs (highly deductible health plans) so that they can save some money for medical expenses which this pans is unable to cover. HSAs or health saving accounts are similar to personal saving ones, but the deposited money can only be used for medical or health care purposes. You- instead of your insurance company or employer- can control and own the money in the account. The money you have deposited in this health saving account is not taxable. In order to open this account, you should need to own HDHP plan as it is necessary for HSA account.

List of 5 Best No Fee HSA Account

1.Stanford Health Savings Account

The Stanford health saving account provides combined effects of health insurance and tax deductible savings. If you want to obtain the benefits of Stanford HSA account, it is important to enroll in a health insurance plan. In Stanford HSA account, you will be able to receive interest on the checking funds. There are no minimum balance requirements for clients to leave as well. Read more details about this, from their official product page sfcu.org/rates/deposits

2.First American Health Savings Account

The First American Bank in the country provides health saving accounts for individuals, employers and brokers to make them feel covered and secured. They have designed separate programs for brokers, employers and individuals according to their preferences. They offer tax saving facilities over the money client have invested there. For individuals, they have included free mobile banking, free e-statements, free bill payments and online banking so that they can feel relaxed and perform necessary operations at their convenience. To get more you can visit this official page firstambank.com

3.Alliant Health Savings Account

With the help of Alliant Health Saving Account, the clients will be able to specify a part of their money for any future medical expenses. In HSA accounts with no fees, account holders are not required to pay any sort of tax and they will always obtain high dividends over the money they have deposited. The bank support staff provides free of cost maintenance facilities and do not charge a penny over the transactions you make. Visit their product page alliantcreditunion.org to know more.

4.BMA Harris Health Savings Account

BMA health savings account is a type of HSA account that provides provisions to deposit and withdraw money at the time of any medical expenses. This no fee HSA account provider is the best when it comes to depositing funds without any sort of limitations. The clients will never find a minimum amount to be deposited at the time of opening. Need to know more about this product? Visit their site bmoharris.com

No Fee HSA Account

5.Patelco Health Savings Account

This no fee HSA bank account deducts the deposited amount from your federal taxes and the money present in your account will be free from tax deductions and enjoy tiered interest earnings. You are allowed to use that money for any kind of your medical expenses thus, providing facilities to cover those costs which your health insurance is unable to cover. If you want, then you can visit this patelco.org product page to get more details.

After knowing these five types of Health Savings Account, you will be able to obtain the most favorable one. In order to be eligible for this no fee bank account, it is necessary to own a health insurance plan as every bank has declared it as the most basic requirement to apply for no fee HSA account.

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  1. Patelco does charge a monthly maintenance fee of $2 after one year. So your information on this page saying that they have no fees is imcorrect. Just spoke with a Patelco Rep and there is no way around this fee either. Be aware, as these banks/credit unions are making money by pulling it out from members accounts as fees. It might not seem like much, but it adds up over time.

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