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10 Best HSA Accounts 2015

A health savings account is medical account that is tax free and is associated with high deductible health plans (HDHP). The annual deductions are usually high while the premiums are low when using a high deductible health plan. The best HSA accounts enable clients to put some money aside, which they can use whenever they need it for their medical expenses. This article discusses some of the most popular online Health savings accounts providers.With all that mentioned in this list, compare HSA accounts of different banks online in order to create a health savings account today.

List of Top Ten Best HSA Accounts

1.HSA Bank

HSA Bank is one of the best health savings accounts that are popular among clients. Other than provision of savings accounts, they also extend to clients full brokerage services together with discount broker partners. This way, clients are able to purchase bonds, stocks and mutual funds via Fidelity, Janus, Vanguard together with other mutual fund organizations. In addition, their level of client service is high.

2.Bancorp Bank

Bancorp bank offers HSA accounts with no fees. Also, they give customers free checks; they don’t charge on debit cards and full access to your online account. In addition to these, you can make withdraws for free and also access to your account online easily.

3.State Farm Hsa

State farm HSA also has HSA accounts for clients. With their HSA that operates similar to an interest-bearing checking account, clients make payments for medical expenses that are qualified free of tax. Further, they can deduct contributions from their income taxes and also accumulate those funds that are unused for future expenses. Since clients have access to their online health savings account, they can also track very easily their payments and contributions.

Best HSA Accounts

4.Chase Bank

Chase happens to be also one of the best hsa account banks. It is more of a special tax-advantaged type of an account that uses a High Deductible Health Plan- “HDHP”. The benefit of this account is that it enables individuals and family members to make payments for several qualified medical expenses like doctor’s co-payments, pharmacy bills, vision care, dental care etc.

5.Citi Bank

Health savings accounts are on the move to dramatically make alterations in the industry of health care insurance, and Citi bank is on the front line ready to assist clients in management of issues related construction and support of HSA solutions. Basically a HSA account is a custodial or a tax-exempt trust account specifically established in order to make payment for qualified medical expenses.

6.Anchor Bank

Anchor bank is also provides the best HSA accounts online. With this bank, individuals can open accounts with as little as money as 100 dollars during the current year or zero charges for the coming year. In addition, they also offer a time set up fee of 25 dollars with a fee that is reduced accessible for HAS partners.

7.American Chartered Bank

American Chartered Bank offers HSA programs to employees so that they can incur low healthcare premiums. Also, if you are a business man, it will cut administrative responsibilities and also allow valuable tax rewards for your organization and workers. This bank, unlike many providers of HAS, is very beneficial to clients as it does not charge them when they receive statements electronically.

8.Alliant Credit Union

Alliant are the best HSA account providers in Chicago. With their health savings account, clients can deposit their funds for payment of both current and future expenses. Funds utilized for qualified medical expenses, dividends inclusive are free of tax. Funds that are not used can remain in the HSA account for years, thereby earning dividends that are tax-deferred.


When you open a HSA account with BB&T you will get an opportunity to maximize the potential of your earnings. Getting a health saving account is a simple, tax-advantaged way for payment of qualified medical expenses. For better management of funds, BB&T provides an access debit card and checks that are exclusively designed. In addition, you will also benefit from withdrawals that are tax free for qualified medical expenses.

10.Farmers State Bank

Farmers State Bank generates health savings accounts that are appropriate to clients. With the rising healthcare costs, this bank assists in maximizing the benefits of the client and thereby cut down on your costs. Their accounts are easy to create, access and also maintain. In addition, clients can control the accounts irrespective of who makes the contribution.

Opening a health savings account is the surest way of securing your future medical expenses. Also, HSAs are an effective retirement planning strategy that enables individuals to set up savings for qualified medical expenses in the future. Start searching online now for the best HSA accounts providers.

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  1. HSA Bank has serious customer relations problems. If you accidentally get locked out of your account, you will have serious problems. Calling customer service results in permahold. Eventually (after twenty minutes) you will be told to leave a message. This message will go unanswered for days. If you send an E-mail, this will also go unanswered. My wife and I have had accounts for over four years, and this is how we are treated. Fair warning for all who open a new account.

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